Dec 11

Mildew vs Mold: Symptoms, Precautions and Prevention

Mildew and mold are the common nuisances that can be unsightly and release a foul smell which can be extremely dangerous for your health. With at the mission of mildew vs mold let us unveil the various aspects of their formation to eradicate the harmful effects of mold and mildew at your home. Mildew and molds occur naturally however their formation can be controlled before they become increasingly harmful for the health of the people residing inside the house. Both mildew and mold is used interchangeably however there is a major difference between both these substances. Hence, understanding mold vs mildew will assist you to determine how to control and prevent them from causing havoc inside your home.

Mold is a naturally occurring organism which can be found almost everywhere. The substance releases minute spores into the air which is the way how they usually spread in various areas. Most of the time, people are not affected by these spores however these may cause allergy and can be toxic in nature when exposed excessively. The mold can take on a variety of appearances. These fungus develop in the form of filaments which seem like little hair or fuzz. The color of the fungus can vary depending on the type of food source where it is developing. Hence, a green mold can often be black, orange, pink or even purple.

The most effective way to control the growth of mold in homes is to ensure that the humidity and moisture level is minimal at all times. Food must be consumed within a short time or even refrigerated for some time to prevent the development of spores. If the formation of mold is already an issue then it requires immediate attention of professional mold removal services that can tackle the spread and prevent the growth of spores. Some strains of mold are toxic which makes it important to be treated properly as soon as possible.

However, while all molds are not mildew, all mildew is mold. It is increasing rapidly and can attach to any porous surface. This is quite an extremely common issue witnessed in the household due to constant water usage. Mildew creates a rather unpleasant odder which spreads rapidly and can be a great problem for homes. Fortunately, this kind of fungal growth can be treated easily.

Another interesting fact about mildew vs mold is that unlike other kinds of molds, mildew grows in flat sheets. These usually exhibit a green color and eventually transform into black or brown. This is commonly visible in bathrooms and can develop just within a few hours. People usually notice mildew on the walls of showers and even in damp basements. Other common areas for mildew to develop are washing machines and other laundry areas. It can develop in damp laundry and hampers which not only smells bad, but can even stain.

When treating such issues it is crucial to understand the various aspects that differentiate between mildew vs mold since these not only grow in various places and in different ways, but can even have varying health impacts. It often doesn’t cause any health problems, whereas molds of other types can make people extremely ill. If you are looking to combat these unsightly growth in your homes browse mold vs mildew and find out how today!